Monday, 30 September 2013

3x3 Mini Note card

Hi friends!!
Today I am sharing with you my first Mini Note card with a handmade envelope.

Mini Note Card with Handmade Envelope

Actually both the card and the envelope didn't turn out the way I wanted. I had something different in my mind. :(
Anyways, here's a closer look of the card..

Handmade Mini Notecard
I used an old brown colored invitation card as card base. I also used it in making the flowers. The flowers are hand-drawn and handcut. I used sketch pens to make the dots pattern.

Handmade Envelope
I used a plain white paper to make the envelope. And then colored it using the sketch pens. The flowers and butterflies are handcut. And for the sentiment I used a strip of vellum paper and wrote and the sentiment.
I think the card is not that bad. hehe ;)
Ayushi :)

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Birthday Card
Hii friends!!
I made this simple Birthday Card using the color scheme from the IBSI Challenge #66.

Birthday Card
All the flowers are handcut and handmade. Butterflies are also handcut. And the sentiment is hand written..

Birthday card

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Friday, 20 September 2013

Happy Anniversary Maa and Papa!! :)

Hi friends!
Yesterday was my Maa and Papa's 25th Wedding Anniversary.. So I tried to make something special for them. Instead of  making a handmade card I tried something new this time. So here it is..

Anniversary gift
I cant forget the moment when I gave this to my parents.. They were so happy.. :) :)
For making this I used card board pieces, cut them in desired shapes, painted them and also drew some swirly pattern.

Handmade photo frame-cum-wall hanging
I used a cello tape roll as photo frame, painted it and applied some glitter over it.

Handmade flowers
All the flowers are handmade by me without using punches. For the little flowers around the photo, I used simple drawing sheets, painted them and then hand cut them using craft scissors into thin strips and then rolled them. Rose is also handmade.

I used popsicle sticks and paper strips for making the fence.

Hand written sentiment
 I also used some golden metal wires and thermocol balls.

Handmade photo frame

Handmade Anniversary Gift
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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Card using a Sketch

Hi friends!
Here's a quick post to share. I have used a sketch to make my card.
Here's my card.

card using sketch
Here's the sketch I used.

I have used a plain sheet and drawn a swirly pattern on it . The flowers are handmade without using punches. And the butterflies are also hand cut.

card using sketch

Handmade flowers without using punches

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Friday, 13 September 2013

Birthday card - II

Hi friends!
Here's one more birthday card which I made for my cousin.

Birthday card
I used a blue coloured card stock and I made small white dots using a cotton bud and white poster colour.
I also used some white coloured strips.

Birthday card

Handmade flower and butterflies
The rose is handmade using butter paper. As I don't have any punches and dies, so, I did it all by hand like first drawing and then cutting etc. I also drew some butterflies and hand cut them.

Handmade flower
 I also used Aluminium foil wrap to make the boundary around the sentiment. For the sentiment, I cut thin strips of the same blue card stock and then glued them to get the sentiment [It was very time consuming, never gonna make the sentiment this way again].
Boundary made of Aluminium foil wrap
Hope you like it!
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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Friendship Day Card - II

Hi friends! Here's one more friendship day card.

Friendship Day Card
I used a plain drawing sheet and painted it with black poster colour, also I used some paper scraps for making roses and some fabric scraps.

Handmade paper roses
This time i tried a different technique for making roses and they have come out well, I guess..

Friendship Day Card
Do tell me how you like it!
Ayushi :)

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Recycling continues - "Friendship day card - I"

Hi friends!
Here is another card which I made for my friend on friendship's day..

Friendship Day card
 I made this card using
  • old invitation cards
  • notebook cover for making brown rose
  • fabric scrap
  • gift wrapping paper
  • glue, scissors, pencil, a brown sketch pen and some sequins

Friendship Day card

Friendship Day card
I tried this rose for the first time and I'll try to make it better next time. hehe ;)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Birthday Card :)

Hii all..!!
This is my second card.. I made this for my younger brother on his birthday..
Though it seemed girly, still my brother liked it.. :D
Here it is..

Birthday Card
Again I searched my cupboard to find some stuff  for making my card.. And yes, i found it.. ;)
I used a white colored wedding invitation card as the card base and also used it in butterflies, flowers on the top right and bottom right corner, leaves and a swirly  pattern on the top left corner.
I used tissue paper for making the pink flower and cake.. and used some sequins and yes, a purple colored invitation card also..

Birthday Card

Birthday Card
Hope u like it..!! :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My first card :)

Hii everyone!!
I am super excited as this is going to be my first post. Yayy!! After being inspired by many lovely crafters, I've finally started my own blog. And being new to this crafting world i need your encouragement and support. :)
So here's my first card..

Thank You card

I used wedding invitation cards for making these flowers and everything else on the card except the off white paper which i tore from an old diary..
I used what i found at home i.e. 2 invitation cards, a page from an old diary, scissors, glue, pencil and a red sketch pen ;)
Here's a closer look of the flowers...

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers
Hope you all like it.. :)
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