Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My First Tag..!! :)

Hi friends!!
I am going to share my first tag today..!! Here it is..

I have used a white invitation card as the tag base. On the base I made small dots using pink pencil colour. The next layer is a pink chart paper on which I drew a swirly pattern using silver sparkle pen.

For the sentiment I cut a circle from white invitation card using scallop scissors and lightly shaded it with pink pencil colour and silver sparkle pen. Sentiment is hand written using dark pink sparkle pen.

I made the silver heart and leaves using Aluminium foil wrap. I just pasted the foil over a plain white invitation card and then cut it in the shape of heart and leaves. I have tried quilled flowers for the first time. Ain't they looking cute? :)

 Hope you all like it!!
Ayushi :)

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Saturday, 12 October 2013

My first Altered Box :)

Hi friends!!
Today I am going to share an altered sweet box. I spent a whole day making this. Hope you will like it. :)
So here it is..

Altered box
And here is the box that I altered..

I actually started with a paper from my notebook. I was just colouring it and saw an empty sweet box and suddenly got the idea of altering it.. :P
First I coloured the paper with 3 colours and made some swirly patterns on it with glitter pens. Then I covered the box with this paper..

And yes, the colours are inspired by my bed sheet :P
Now, the flowers, I used some old wedding invitation cards for making them.. It gives a very nice shimmery look to the flowers. All the flowers are hand cut and handmade by me. I used glitter pens to give them some more shimmer.. Here's a closer look..

I used pearls for the center of the flowers. The leaves are also hand cut. I just used the green glitter pen for the edges and to draw the veins.

Handmade flowers

I also added multi coloured Rhinestones on the box. 

Handmade Flowers

I cut two semi circles from a brown invitation card using a scallop scissors. I used a golden glitter pen to draw the swirly pattern on it. Then I cut two rectangles from a golden invitation card and wrote the sentiment on it. And the little flowers are also made from the wedding invitation cards.

Here's the opened box..
Opened box

And a big Thanks to lovely Dr Sonia for her leafy branch tutorial. I always struggle making the leafy branches but her tutorial made it so easy. :) :)

Diya made from broken bangles

I used broken bangles to make the Diya. It was already glittered. And the colour matched with the box perfectly. And here is a one more image with a side view. I used golden glitter on the edges here.

Really sorry for such a long post.. hehe..
Do leave your comments if you like my first altered project.. :)
Ayushi :)

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Treat at Crafters Corner Blog!!

Hi friends!! This post is to let you know that there is a yummy treat at Crafters Corner blog!! They are celebrating their first blog anniversary. Heartiest congratulations to all the blog members!!
Click the image below to be a part of this lovely treat!!

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Go Green with Pink Heart ;)

Hi friends!!
I made two more 3x3 Mini Note cards with handmade Envelopes. Here they are..

Mini Note cards
I loved making these mini cards as they are quite cute to work with. ;)
For the Pink one, I used some pearls, star shaped sequins and  hand-cut some paper strips and hearts. I used a plain white sheet for making the envelope and drew the hearts using pencils colors. I also wrote the sentiment with pencil color.
Here's the closer look of the Pink one..

Now the Green one..
For this mini card I drew the little flowers with dark and light green sketch pen, used some green pearls and a button for the flower in the center. Sentiment is hand written. For the envelope I used a plain white sheet and painted it with light green color, drew some flowers with colored pencil and used some sequins in the center.

That's all for now!
Ayushi :)

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